Other Worlds

Intergalactic journey.

Strange Planet #M028


Browse through the desert planet and discover if it has a desert population apart from its arid landscape.


Duration: 05’10”

Strange Planet #A313


No human has set foot on Mars yet. But you might as well immerse yourself on a journey across the red planet and feel as if you’ve conquered it.


Duration: 03’41”

Strange Planet #M707


Explore the marvelous rocky landscape of this planet far from home.


Duration: 03’25”

Strange Planet #V666


The heat is up! Feel the warmth of this apocalyptic world.


Duration: 05’16”

Strange Planet #W4Q4


Discover a world of water without gravity.


Duration: 03’37”

Strange Planet #G777


Walk among precious gems in a colorful world.


Duration: 03’43”

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