Mental health.

Práctica de Respiración 


Take a deep breath. Every time a thought, concern, or any mental phenomenon appears, we become aware of it and redirect our attention to the breath over and over again. And again. As many times as necessary.


Duration: 10’25”

Práctica Metáforas de la Mente


Little by little, with the practice of meditation, the ballons disappear almost completely, and one can see the entire immense and transparent space of the mind, where mental phenomena occur.


Duration: 10’05”

Práctica de Body Scan


Embrace the surrounding, the here and now. Let the imagery and sound transport you through a journey of awareness of your inner being.


Duration: 10’16”

Práctica de Movimientos Corporales


Become aware of your body in a global way. Then, little by little, begin to move slowly and return mindfully to where you are.


Duration: 09’19”

Práctica de Mindfulness Caminando


Begin to walk slowly, bringing your attention to the soles of your feet. Thoughts may start to appear in your mind. When you realize them, try to get your attention back to the soles of your feet, feel grounded to the moment.


Duration: 10’01”

Práctica de Metta


Picture a tree right, and as you send it good wishes, more and more branches and more leaves appear on it in the shape you want, the color you want.


Duration: 09’57”

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