2800lu, 4K PRO-UHD, 180º FOV

Mid to big size rooms

25 to 80 m2 / 1 to 25 people

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2200lu, 4K UHD, 135º FOV

Small to mid size rooms

15 to 45 m2 / 1 to 10 people

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Broomx Technologies designs and manufactures the MK devices in Barcelona, Spain since 2016. This multiple patented technology allows users to enjoy 360° media and interactive Virtual Reality applications in physical spaces, socially and headset free. Its state of the art optics display image over 3 walls and the ceiling of a wide range of indoor spaces. The devices include a projection module, CPU, GPU, integrated speaker, WiFi hotspot and various connection options. They are compact, portable and easy to install and operate through the Platform.

Our lightweight, cost effective solution for all. It is designed for individual or smaller group sessions in spaces up to 25 m2. It is compact and modular, fits anywhere and is ideal for fixed installations thanks to its floor and ceiling mount.

Our flagship product in its second iteration, entirely redesigned thanks to the feedback of our users across sectors and regions. With its optimal technical specifications, powerful light source and a horizontal field of view of 180°, it provides a full blown immersive experience for groups in larger spaces up to 80 m2. It is easy to install and move around thanks to its wheeling accessory.

Legacy projectors

A glimpse to the past

Immersive Experiences

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High-performance Projector

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Mid to big size rooms

25 to 80 m2 / 1 to 15 people


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