The world’s first immersive projector powered up! 

Better ventilation, up-to-date CPU, greater isolation, additional security, increased reliability, plus the excellence you know you can expect from Broomx.





multimedia device


That goes beyond what a projector can do.

Shared experiences designed for diverse applications.



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Our benefits


Designed to overcome challenges.


All in one

All roads lead to serious power.

Enhancing spaces

Immersive experiences that surround you.

Easy mobility

Designed to perform in multiple spaces.


Adaptable to different multimedia formats.

Group audience

Enjoy shared immersive experiences.


Play projections fast and effectively.

Reinventing Immersive Experiences



Breakthrough technology that
makes Virtual Reality, a reality. 


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Flexibility & Adaptability


High adaptive capacity to multiple spaces.

Intuitive design

Powerful performance


Access to the MK360’s unique capabilities

at the touch of a button.




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