Playful surroundings.



Feel the warmth of the fire and light up your environment.


Duration: 00’59”

Happy anniversary


Let your imagination create a new meaning to this scenario and bring a new purpose to your experience.


Duration: 00’50”

Happy birthday


Be the life of the party! Let your immersive experience become a celebratory moment.


Duration: 01’01”

Purple Moon


These game-like graphics create a playful environment.


Duration: 02’51”

Shine On


Fly through the mountainous landscape and explore this fun world.


Duration: 03’41”



This loop will immerse oneself in a mind-engaging cycle.


Duration: 02’22”

Deep Sea


Dive into the sea and swim with jellyfishes and turtles.


Duration: 01’50”

Happy Party


Let light, color and the music bring the disco to your room.


Duration: 04’24”

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