Emotional well-being and immersive mindfulness, guided by scientific research


The platform provides a relaxing escape, proven to calm the body and the mind, and alleviate stress in a wide range of situations.

By adopting evidence-based emotional well-being and immersive mindfulness practices, healthcare organizations can foster a healthier, more serene and engaged workforce which is key to improve productivity, enhance resilience and build a stronger brand reputation.

Case Studies

Learn how healthcare organizations use the platform to improve

emotional well-being in their patients.


Guttmann - Salomon

Salomon brings patients with reduced mobility to the Pyrennées mountains at the Guttmann Institute to improve their state of mind.

FHOCG: Well-being

Immersive technology as a therapeutic measure to improve the emotional well-being of hospital staff.

Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Immersive mindfulness sessions for healthcare professionals and pediatric patients at one of the main hospitals in Spain, Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

Backed by science

Positive impact on mental health is backed

by peer-reviewed science papers, making it a trusted choice for healthcare professionals.


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Tailored Contents for Emotional Well-being

Immerse deep into serene natural landscapes, engage in a diverse mindfulness guided sessions and escape from the buzz with our tailored contents, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being for all. We offer specific contents for kids and teenagers, which is ideal for pediatric units and children’s hospitals.

Our solution for

immersive therapies

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