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Stress Relief and Wellness: Heealio provides a therapeutic escape, proven to calm minds and alleviate stress—a valuable resource for health professionals and organizations seeking holistic mental well-being solutions.

Case Studies

Learn how different organizations use Heealio to improve emotional
well-being in patients and health professionals


Guttmann - Salomon

Salomon brings the mountains closer to patients with reduced mobility at the Guttmann Institute through Broomx technology.

FHOCG: Well-being

Immersive technology is used as a therapeutic measure to improve the emotional well-being of the hospital staff.

Vall d'Hebron Hospital

The sessions powered by the MK360 create immersive therapies that treat anxiety and create a relaxing refuge for health workers at Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

Proven results


Scientifically Validated for Mental Well-Being: Heealio is backed by rigorous research and studies confirming its positive impact on mental health, making it a trusted choice for professionals.



Content for Emotional Well-being

Immerse in serene natural landscapes, engage in a diverse mindfulness guided sessions, and enjoy our content specially designed for kids, promoting relaxation and mental well-being for all.

Our solution for immersive therapies

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