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Developing a creative lab and relaxing space while projecting audio-reactive visuals.

Chroma Dinner

Adding audio, visual, and olfactive elements to a unique dining experience.

Giafatto Entertainment

Giafatto’s showrooms allow guests to contemplate immerse experiences through a partnership with Broomx.


Providing the magical ambiance inside the Lego house at London’s Southbank winter market.

Sónar+D CCCB

Connecting the virtual world and the physical world through a live-streamed concert experience.


VICE’s Mazda Creators

Curated content depicts the future of technology and entertainment.


Creating an immersive environment to showcase exclusive content at the iconic Antigua Fàbrica Estrella Damm. 


Planet O Shanghai

Broomx’s MK360 offers a unique Karaoke experience that sets Planet One apart from other KTV venues in Shanghai.

Plaza Río Shopping Center 2

Broomx’s technology powers the attraction “A Sky Full of Life,” made with authorial content as part of Animario 2021.

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