Transform psychostimulation programs into an immersive adventure


The platform offers a large collection of immersive videos and interactive apps to provide innovative psychostimulation programs that captivate the senses, foster relaxation, and stimulate cognitive functions, while facilitating a deeper connection between mind and environment. We collaborate with experts and users to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these programs, and to continue developing novel solutions adapted to our clients.

Case Studies

Learn how organizations use the platform to increase effectiveness and adherence to psychostimulation activities.
Grup Arrels

Immersive experiences as a tool to stimulate brain functions, maintain cognition and well-being for seniors with mild cognitive impairment.


Enhance brain functions, preserve autonomy and improve well-being as a part of occupational therapy in seniors living communities.

Tots Hi Som

Design of different therapeutic activities using immersive technologies to improve interventions with children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorders.

Backed by science


The effectiveness of the platform is validated and enhanced through scientific research and pilot projects, in collaboration with renowned mental health organizations.


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Tailored Contents for Psychostimulation

Immersive and interactive content designed for psychostimulation therapies, which helps improve mental health and cognitive skills. From nature landscapes and real life scenes to interactive creative games to suit different objectives, needs and preferences.

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