Immersive tools for neurorehabilitation, developed in collaboration with renowned experts


The platform provides a personalized, interactive and motivating environment for neurorehabilitation. It enhances patient engagement and treatment outcomes with renowned experts’ collaboration, patient involvement, and rigorous research.

Case Studies

Learn how healthcare organizations use the platform immersive tools to improve neurorehabilitation treatments.

FHOCG: Neurorehabilitation

The neuropsychology department of the FHOCG hospital has designed a pioneering treatment for the rehabilitation of brain stroke and hemianopsia.

National MS Center

A reference center for the treatment of multiple sclerosis in Belgium, using immersive technology in different procedures.

Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa

Experimental research on the use of immersive technologies for physical and cognitive stimulation for different patient profiles, including long-COVID and oncology patients.

Backed by science


We are scientifically validating immersive neurorehabilitation treatments for different types of patients, including those with brain injuries from strokes, oncology patients, and long-COVID patients, among others.


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Tailored Contents for Neurorehabilitation

The platform offers a range of specialized contents for neurorehabilitation, including customizable exergames designed to support motor and cognitive skill recovery. Patients are immersed and actively engaged, increasing adherence to treatments and making them more effective and enjoyable.

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