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The way to unlock the power of our devices.


What’s included?

Access to Broomx’s complete catalog of content, preferential tech support, regular updates to the apps, and add-ons that will maximize your immersive experience.


30 days free trial. Cancel anytime.


   Unlimited Software Updates

   Technical Support

  Device & Content Management through Local Network

Interactive Apps 

Applications designed to drive user engagement through responsive elements that create unique sessions.


Immersive Content Library

Diverse content collection made by Broomx to adapt to multiple immersive experiences and updated regularly.


Expand the power of the MK devices.

Key advantages



Unlimited Software Updates

Unlimited updates so your device is always equipped with the latest technology and developments.



Technical Support

Technical experts offer preferential service focusing on managing, maintaining, and caring for Broomx’s products.



Device & Content Management through Local Network

Control your device’s content and power functions by connecting it.


Pick the assets that will transform your immersive sessions.


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Take your streamings to the next level.


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