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Designed to impress


Impressive updates that allows incredible possibilities of interaction sustained by its powerful and enhanced hardware.

More power

More pro


More power and definition with

a maximized potency of lumens.


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Add a pop of color

on demand

Make your device reflect your true colors.


Our benefits


Designed to overcome challenges

All in one

All roads lead to serious power.

Enhancing Spaces

Immersive experiences that surrounds you.

Creator Ready

Allows creators to develop interactive 360 content.

4K Ready

Adaptable to read 4K content.

Ceiling Installation

Versatility to be installed in virtually any room.

VR Ready

Play projections fast and effectively.

Group Audience

Enjoy shared immersive experiences.


Adaptable to different multimedia formats.



High adaptive capacity for multiple spaces.

Intuitive design.

Powerful performance.


Access to the MKPro’s unique capabilities

at the touch of a button.




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